The Hee and Haw

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Hee and Haw are somewhat original charecters. Two, adorable, epic flowers that seem to bug Domo during some episodes. The mysterious thing about the two plants is that they are only active when around Domo. Not any other charecter. Like Tashanna, Mr. Usaji, Bear Boy, and others.

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They both seem to enjoy being mischievous, as you can see during episodes of the Domo episodes. Say, arn't they a win? (Off topic) To me, they can be either brother n' brother, sister n' sister, brother n' sister, or maybe cousins. Who knows? Only the creators, or so.

Other: I'm sorry a picture isnt available. - sigh - I had no sucess finding some. Try looking up on Bing, Google, but YouTube is the best. Trust my instincts. Or trust yours.

Hope you find this helpful!

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